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What are you doing to defend the 4th of July?

What are you doing to defend the 4th of July?  Most people will be eating hot dogs and getting drunk while lighting fireworks made in China, all while our once great country is being slowly overtaken by globalist bankers and corporate slavemasters.
We are starting at weekly show called "The Killuminati" on Monday, July 8th 2013.  It will air live on Ustream at:

Olympus Has Fallen - Another Psy-op Propaganda Flick

It is incumbent upon all film makers, especially those starting out, to learn the true meaning of "propaganda".  More specifically, the use of propaganda to further the agendas of rogue governments.  Thanks to "propaganda", the world saw over 260+ million murders during the 20th century (see Mao's Communist China, Lenin's USSR, and Hitler's 3rd Reich).

Now enter the latest "propaganda" film coming out of the Hollywood psy-op machine: Olympus Has Fallen

The Obama administration, just like past administrations for the last 200 years, needs to fund and produce propaganda like this so we sheeple (aka slaves) can still have affection and adoration for the office of the "President" and the "White House."  Even though as we see today they openly rape, murder, torture, and steal assets across the world.

Anyone who is awake can easily see what is going on here.  Those 90% who are the "sheeple" think its just another day in "Action-Film-False-Reality" while watching this scientifically produced psy-op tool.

Meanwhile - people like this movies writer, Creighton Rothenberger, have absolutely no clue what they are getting into... Or do they?  

It seems to me like the film makers were given the "golden ticket" into the CIA's psyops department to make the absolute BEST film!  One that shows the office of the "President" as more of a GOD-like status worth sacrificing many untold lives to save.  

The writer goes on to say that upon release, his film was being compared to "Zero Dark Thirty", an obvious shenanigan of a film.  He takes the compliment in stride, and that is all you need to know about how talent is corrupted in Hollywood.

When you sell your soul to the Devil there is a price to pay in hell.




Why Mankind Is Screwed: The People Are Children, And Leaders Are Fathers

Why Mankind Is Screwed: The People Are Children, And Leaders Are Fathers

Saman Mohammadi
May 21, 2012

“The President is not Our Father; he’s a politician who, like all people wielding political power, is in great need of constant critical scrutiny and adversarial checks — from all citizens, but especially media figures. Relating to him as some kind of guiding paternalistic authority is, I’m sorry to say, really quite warped. But it’s far from uncommon, and that explains a lot.” – Glenn Greenwald, “Andrew Sullivan’s father figure.”

“The power of a president’s words did surprise me. The president is the head of state. When he speaks, history is being made. When a president uses that authority to express solidarity with gay citizens and their families, and to assert his belief in their core equality, for the first time ever, I’m not going to apologize for being moved, just as I was moved by the sight of an African-American being sworn into the presidency in the first place. And forgive me, but if someone had told me two decades ago that by 2012, a black president would be endorsing gay marriage, I would have asked where he got that stuff he was smoking.” – Andrew Sullivan, “The Greenwald Pounce.”

Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Sullivan had an interesting exchange about President Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage in which they gave different insights into American political life, especially the public display of presidential worship.

Both men are perceptive and sensitive, and they each make good points about Obama’s support for gay marriage and the political reactions to his announcement.

Sullivan made the most revealing statements. In his over-the-top praise of President Barack Obama, Sullivan compared him to a “Father Figure,” which Greenwald criticized as downright “creepy.” Sullivan is not alone in his worship of political authority and government power. All blind followers of political figures view the government as a big daddy because they naively believe that people in power actually care about them and their families. Like Bush and other presidents, Barack Obama is a Father Figure to his naive, blind, and delusional followers.

Sullivan emphasized that a president’s words have great power and symbolic significance. He said: “The power of a president’s words did surprise me. The president is the head of state. When he speaks, history is being made.” This is true, and it is scary that the most powerful political figure in the world, and perhaps in human history, can change and alter reality with his words. Obama or any American President can say the Sun is blue, and people like Sullivan would look out their windows and disown what their eyes see and agree with their father figure that the Sun is blue.

Obama said he ordered the hit on Bin Laden last May, but he did not give any photo or video evidence to support his claim that Bin Laden was killed in the raid. As government experts like Dr. Steve Pieczenik have said, Bin Laden died because of natural causes either in late 2001 or early 2002.
But we’re supposed to forget the need for evidence to support wild claims like “I killed Bin Laden,” and instead take Obama’s god-like words at face value. We have to pretend that the man in the White House is a honest father who would never lie to his children, because, you know, that’s what foreign despots do, not American leaders.

American leaders are righteous, pure, holy, and good. American leaders would never lie. American leaders are the benevolent gods of the Earth. And those of us who say they are genocidal war criminals and psychopathic liars are called “conspiracy theorists,” “nuts,” birthers,” “truthers,” and “deathers.”
But some of us are not servile children who believe the government is our daddy. Some of us judge a man based on his actions, not his words. Some of us can see that 9/11 was an act of state terror by the CIA and Mossad, Obama was born in Kenya, and Osama Bin Laden died of natural causes. Some of us are not afraid of being called nuts, conspiracy theorists, birthers, truthers, and deathers.

If Obama is considered a father figure by his delusional and stupid followers, then America is in big trouble. “Father Figures” commit war crimes in the night, and then hand a lollipop to their children in the morning to silence their crying so they can continue to commit war crimes the next day.

Obama’s bland, dry, and politically timed endorsement of gay marriage was him handing a lollipop to his wide-eyed children to shut them up so he can keep bombing Afghanistan, Yemen, and Pakistan. Obama endorsed gay marriage not because he is a kind humanitarian who cares about equality but because he does not want to face criticism from the pro-gay left for his war, police state, and pro-bankster policies.
And it worked. Look at the children suck on that lollipop while their Father in the White House keeps killing innocent women and children in distant lands. It feels good to support a black president who respects gay people. My oh my, how advanced and cultured the Left is! Republicans elect rich white guys to murder innocent foreigners and bomb innocent countries, but Democrats believe gay black guys from Kenya make better killers and war criminals.

The “Left” views itself as very noble and heroic because it elected a pro-gay black president. But they fail to see that totalitarian war criminals come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.
The political success of Barack Obama is proof that identity politics has triumphed. The Left cares about race, gender, and sexual orientation, not the rule of law, honesty, transparency, peace, and truth. And they have the nerve to call Obama critics racists and homophobes.

The Left is more stupid and shameless than the Right. Both are intellectually, morally, and politically bankrupt. They both agree that the truth be damned, whatever the “Father Figure” says is true. Bush said Bin Laden did 9/11, so it must be true. Obama said he killed Bin Laden, so it must be true.
Reality is what the White House says it is. That is amazing.

It is even more amazing that a CIA agent born in Kenya is the President of the United States. Let that sink in. Millions of voters elected a man who they know nothing about! If Obama can lie about his entire existence to a mentally deranged nation, from the place of his birth to his real name, then what other secrets is he guarding from the American people and the world?

The issue at stake is not about Obama’s birth, or 9/11 being an inside job. It is about unquestioning obedience to government authority. The blind worship of government and uncritical acceptance of presidential narratives have led to the destruction of America, as well as many other countries.
American “Father Figures,” from Reagan to Bush to Obama, have taken the world to the darkest side of hell. Other nations also have father figures, but they aren’t mass murdering leaders of world empires.
It is dangerous and sick that so-called “Father Figures” speak for entire nations and communities. Hitler was a father figure to Germans; Stalin was a father figure to Russians; Khomeini was a father figure to Iranians; Kim Jong-il was a father figure to North Koreans; Reagan was a father figure to Americans; Jim Jones was a father figure to his flock, etc.

No matter the country, the political system, or the era, the people behave like children and adore their leaders as father figures. No wonder the world is mad and screwed up. Humanity is sick in the head. Insanity is the rule, not the exception.

In an age when God is declared dead, and the King has been overthrown, millions of humans still desire a father to lead them and protect them. Disturbing? Freaky? Hell yeah.
It is sad that God is dead, the King is dead, and the Country is dead. The world would be much better with God, King, and Country than withAtheism, Totalitarian Cult Figures, and Criminal Corporations. But the second type of society is what we have around the world, even in the West. There isn’t freedom anywhere. Democracy doesn’t exist, the existence of God is ridiculed, the Leader is a slimy and whorish politician, and the Country is controlled by private international banksters who hate the people and the rule of law.

Mankind is screwed.

Saman Mohammadi is the writer and editor at The Excavator